Saturday, October 24, 2015

Special - The Aethera Campaign Setting Kickstarter

It's been a long time, readers, but that doesn't mean the devil's hands have been idle! The Encounter Table has been busy building a whole new star system under the Encounter Table Publishing imprint called Aethera!

In the Aethera Campaign Setting, you'll soar to asteroid outposts and ancient high-tech ruins on a ship powered by crystallized magic, journey to worlds populated by intelligent plant bio-engineers, musically prophetic technocrats, human-souled robotic war veterans, and alien shamans, all suddenly threatened by interstellar raiders. Aethera is a Pathfinder RPG compatible science -fantasy setting.

The Aethera Campaign Setting brings space opera to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. You'll be able to experience the unique biomes of six totally new alien worlds, each with their own highly detailed histories, cultures, conflicts, and threats. Aethera is being designed with a distinct 1920s-1930s retro-futuristic art style, tempered by the presence of magic. Its diesel-punk meets magical technology, meets elements of traditional fantasy. You'll have paladins, sorcerers, and wizards working as a team to explore asteroid dungeons where they'll encounter lost technology from before the collapse of stellar civilization. Or maybe you'd like to explore the tense post-war political environment of the human mega-city arcologies on the barren world of Akasaat, where you'll stalk the shadows of mile-high cities uncovering a vast conspiracy surrounding an ancient prophetic song broadcast by one of the Aethera system's dying stars.

In the Aethera Campaign Setting you can battle kytons that live in the shadowy spaces-between-spaces, live in terror of raids by the enigmatic taur: spacefaring minotaur in planetoid-sized maze ships, survive in the lightless realm of the Darkwild deep below the canopy of the forest world of Kir-Sharaat, brave the icy tundra of the dust-shrouded world of Orbis-Aurea and unearth mysteries of the long-lost Progenitors, or race into the heart of the Amrita Asteroid Belt to run a smuggling operation with the other scoundrels and rabble rousers living beyond the reach of the Hierarchy!

There's so much to see and experience in the Aethera Campaign Setting that we have to create a whopping 400-page hardcover in order to contain it all! Head over to our Kickstarter and check out everything we have to offer. We can't publish such an enormous campaign setting without your contributions!


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