Wednesday, June 24, 2015

System Shock - The Scion

The Ultimate Intrigue Playtest. 
Recently, Paizo unveiled the public playtest for the Vigilante class. The vigilante (a part of the upcoming Ultimate Intrigue) is a bold new design direction for Pathfinder, introducing the concept of a modular class that through detailed customization during character creation can fill any number of roles in the party. Last year, when Paizo unveiled the Advanced Class Guide the Encounter Table took a couple of stabs at hybrid classes. Just like last year, the Encounter Table is taking a stab at modular class design with the scion class!

What you'll find below is a wholly new modular-style class that was conceived, designed, and edited in a span of just two days. The scion is an exercise in seeing what modular class building can be for Pathfinder and also served as a mental exercise in class design and concepting. The scion is a leader or leaders destined to step to the forefront of a society or organization they lead. Maybe you'll have a scion at your table soon!

If you use the scion in your games, let us know what you think in the comments section!