Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pop Creature - Esperi

Terra Branford's esper form in
Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Spring is drawing to a close and convention season is upon us! That means more time spent planning and traveling and less time spent developing. During the next few months, expect slightly fewer content updates from the Encounter Table. We'll still be continuing our spotlight series and fiction, as well as premiering a new Side Paths article series detailing short adventures that can take place between Pathfinder Adventure Path chapters. There may just be a larger gap between articles until we're clear of the hustle and bustle of convention season.

This week the Encounter Table takes a look at the Esper-blooded heroine of Final Fantasy VI, Terra Branford, in our newest Pop Creature article. Presented as an eidolon-blooded playable race, the esperi comes with alternate racial traits, a unique summoner archetype, and racial feats. Let us know what you think of the esperi in the comments section, or check us out on Facebook!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Interview - Tim Brannan, Robert H. Hudson, and Morgan Boehringer

Strange Brew: The ultimate Witch and Warlock.
Cover by Peter Bradley.
This week the Encounter Table sits down with Tim Brannan and Robert H. Hudson, developers of the 3rd Party Pathfinder (and Castles & Crusades) book Strange Brew: the ultimate Witch and Warlock, currently funding for stretch goals on Kickstarter. We're also fortunate enough to be joined by Morgan Boehringer, developer of the stretch goal, Warwitches & Hexmavens. 

Take a look within and learn a little more about this highly ambitious 3rd party project and what lies in store for readers and backers!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fiction - Tyranny of the Stars, Part VI: Passage

Tyranny of the Stars by Robert Brookes.
This week has been a busy one for the Encounter Table, we have a new interview that will be coming out soon along with this month's Golarion Spotlight feature. There's also only three more weeks until Paizocon, and if you will be attending this year, signup for open events begins soon! Hop on over to to look at the events lists and make sure you sign up as soon as you are able to!

Today's new installment of Tyranny of the Stars introduces a solemn new character who will be joining the entourage in Alkenstar, and the Between the Lines article following this chapter introduces the apostate cleric archetype. Let us know what you think of Tyranny of the Stars and the apostate cleric archetype in the comments!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Fiction - Tyranny of the Stars, Part V: Blood

Tyranny of the Stars, by Robert Brookes.
Paizocon 2014 is just a few weeks away and the Encounter Table will be there covering events and panels on our Facebook page. The Paizo website is accepting signups for Paizocon's lottery events until June 9th, so if you're going to Paizocon this year and would like to get in on some of the most exclusive gaming experiences the convention has to offer, check out their signup page. Make sure to like the Encounter Table on Facebook to get all of our updates from the floor of Paizocon in July.

This week Encounter Table Fiction continues the adventure of Patris and Aribessa in the clockwork city of Alkenstar in the latest installment of Tyranny of the Stars. In the Between the Lines supplemental article, we discover the power of the lost Rogarvian bloodline of Brevoy.