Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Art - Aspects of Axis

Aspects of Axis fan-made companion.
Cover art by Carolina Eade.
Today I thought I'd share some finalized character vignettes from my upcoming Aspects of Axis project. The cover art, headlining this post, is courtesy of the wonderful Carolina Eade and features the Pathfinder iconics Merisiel and Kyra in a frantic battle with one of the new inevitables revealed in the book, the Aevarut. The art after the jump is courtesy of the stupendous Alena Lane! I hope you enjoy!

Altkamnimar "Coal" K'Gagun; Oread Monk

Signifer Delera Hightower; Human Hellknight

"Fixer"; Aballonian Alchemist

Irngaad Ironhand; Dwarf Monk

Josuun Ilgard; Human Bard

Kolas Kolanbal; Dwarf cleric of Brigh

Kirvi Abtun; Forlarren cleric of Milani

Nariyya; Secretkeeper of Norgorber

Sir Walder Heimar; Human Vampire Cavalier

Walker in Silence; Shae Illusionist

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